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The founders of SurrealDB are on a mission; to make a contribution to the world by simplifying the landscape for developers and ensuring the world’s data can be accessed in ever more simple ways.

They’re vision is to be the world’s go-to database for building applications, a platform where developers don’t have to think about their backend architecture, when what they really want is to focus on their apps.

In October 2022, after a successful community marketing campaign, SurrealDB became the all-time fastest growing database. Now embarking on the next stage following significant investment from a leading VC for ambitious and iconic start-ups.


“They’ve clearly struck a chord with the developer community — we’ve literally never seen any database open source project grow this fast....we loved the founding story of the company.... started by two brothers who built the entire thing by themselves, and we see great potential in them as founders.”
Matt Turck, FirstMark Capital


No single platform merges NoSQL, relational, document, graph and web database functionality.


As a multi-model database, SurrealDB brings the power of graph database functionality and realtime backend platforms to the well-known concepts of relational and document databases.

Bootstrapped for the first 3 years, SurrealDB secured $6m seed investment from FirstMark Capital in October 2022 and is currently  building the team.
Brothers Jaime and Tobie Morgan Hitchcock built and launched Surreal DB on their own achieving interest from 50+ leading VC firms. 
17.1k+ Github stars
#1 Fastest growing all-time database
#1 Github global trending repo for 4 consecutive weeks
#1 Trending on Reddits Rust and Programming channels
1775+ Discord user signups
1.3m+ Youtube views 
SurrealDB has already created quite a stir in the developer community. It’s the #1 fastest growing database of all time, and proud to have regularly top-trended on GitHub . 
With stellar VC investment secured, the founders can focus on product-market fit, developer community, further product development and initial revenue from hosted cloud DBaaS. 
SurrealDB enables developers and organisations to simplify the back-end tech stack, speed up development times and reduce the costs of complicated multi-interconnected back-end platforms.
Rare opportunity to build and shape the role.

About the role


SurrealDB is a seed-stage tech-firm and so the team is small and agile.

Hence all of the team work closely together on the delivery of the platform. 

Overtime, this role will be responsible for recruiting, managing and engaging the front-end team.



Experiences Manager

Database Engineers

Distributed Systems Engineers

Search & Indexing Engineers


This person will be responsible for building and shaping this startup company’s industry-changing database platform.

They will be able to work independently to deliver specific objectives but also bring together other stakeholders to ensure a seamless usability and functionality experience . 

They will be able to do this in the context of a small but close-knit team.  

  • Develop the SurrealDB Application User Interface
  • Develop the SurrealDB Administration Interface
  • Develop and enhance the SurrealDB.com website 
  • Conceptualise and develop the SurrealDB Community and Events website 
  • Deepen the relationship between SurrealDB and it’s  communities, providing answers, advice and insight in an engaging way
  • Deep knowledge of front-end development, best practise and emerging technologies
  • Able to operate and deliver results in a multi-cultural and remote / distributed  organisation
  • Strong ability to collaborate and build relationships 
  • An appetite for cutting through noise and progressing things
  • An interest in finding commercial opportunities and winning support for these internally and externally
  • Attractive Base Salary 
  • Equity
  • Balanced work life 
  • Hybrid or Remote Working (London W1 Office opening March ’23) 
  • Flexible Holiday (5 weeks + Bank Holidays in UK) 
  • Pension 
  • Health Insurance
  • Parental Leave 
  • Laptop, screen & accessories
  • Regular team events and off-sites

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