Did you know that CV’s and unstructured job interviews  are two of the least accurate ways of judging candidates? 

Amazingly it’s the way many critical appointments are made. 

Which is why we use Hire Insight to present multiple insights about each candidate.  Deeper insights = better hiring decisions. 

Utilising a blend of video, survey tools, behavioural traits psychometrics and an intelligent way to rate candidates and calibrate opinion Hire Insight is a unique solution that delivers fantastic results.

Hire Insight is much more than a candidate management tool – it’s a better way to work. 

Hire Insight makes a great impression on candidates. Employers are better informed about those candidates and have a more accurate and inclusive tool for making the all-important hiring decision. 

Better hiring decisions, together.


Is this just for executive roles?

No. It’s been designed so each recruitment project can contain whatever screening methods are most appropriate for that specific situation. This means it can be adjusted for mid and senior roles and has found to be highly effective for roles at that level. 

It seems like there is a lot of work involved?

There is certainly additional work in preparing the employer and opportunity information. However we do the majority of the heavy lifting, so you (the employer) are not required to set anything up.

Does this slow up the hiring process?

It can add a little extra time if you compare to a typical process. However, because of the hugely improved retention rates, the amount of time spent re-recruiting is significantly reduced. So overall the time commitment for decision makers and stakeholders is noticeably reduced over time. 

Does this put candidates off?

The good news is that the only candidates put-off are the ones you don’t want in your process anyway. Candidates’ feedback on the company insight and engaging  presentation demonstrates the positive impact Hire Insight has in capturing the attention of the best candidates. 

How does this approach promote diversity and inclusion?

We have noticed two positive impacts of our methodology: 
1. Because candidates are being assessed on a variety of factors they report feeling the process was fair and objective. 
2. Because decision makers are less focussed on surface level details, often the candidates who progress and are successful are from more diverse backgrounds. 

How secure is Hire Innsight?

Hire Insight is built on a highly secure and encrypted proprietary database called SurrealDB. Login Access is a simple process using time-limited codes meaning no passwords have to be remembered or written down. 

What is the Leader Landscape Survey?

It is process of gaining input and consensus from stakeholders of the desired leadership, management and commercial attributes. Candidates are also surveyed for examples of experience in the areas identified. This process assists interviewers  in structuring interviews around factors that help understand a candidates suitability.

What is the McQuaig Assessment Tool?

It is personality profiling tool that is completed online in around 10-20 minutes. The McQuaig Survey measures

  • Core personality traits 
  • How a person is behaving in their current role or job
  • How their profile compares to the needs of the vacancy 
How much does this cost?

Our retained search fee structure allows us to apply our methodology and resources to all searches within our normal fee structure and gets employers the best result available in the market at that time. 

Hire Insight is a multi-award winning platform used by select recruiters in EMEA, Australia and North America. 

Hire Insight Awards

Research by Strategy& estimates that over $100 billion
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