Leadership recruitment specialists

Think back at your past hires. What proportion are you deeply happy about? Hiring the wrong person is extremely expensive and time-consuming.

Ask most people responsible for hiring board executives and senior management if they want to improve their leadership hiring results and the response you’ll get is YES ! 

However, senior level recruitment is complex. We know because we’ve been involved in it for more than 20 years.  Typically the barriers to success include: 

  • The decision makers and stakeholders involved are time poor 
  • The vacant role is one-of-a-kind in the organisation, so it’s not clear what-good-looks-like
  • There is little or no pipe-line of internal candidates, so many of the candidates are unknown  

This is why RoundPeg have developed tools and resources to do the heavy lifting for you. From identifying the ideal background and desirable behavioural traits through to robust screening and interviewing frameworks. 

We gained this experience working  with of the best global brand businesses. 

Like common sense, we’re quite un-common. 

If you’re looking for a recruitment partner who is passionate about how you are represented in the market, supports you to develop the search brief and delivers the highest calibre candidates, then, we would love to talk to you.

“Our purpose is to enable smarter hiring decisions that result in high performing appointments that last.

Because success in this regard drives everything in a business”

Our Tools

Inside Hire Insight

Think of Hire Insight as a ‘remote assessment centre’ where candidates are screened using a variety of methods that help you understand them more deeply. Your interviews are more meaningful and your decision making is more robust.

Mis-hire Risk Test Completion Report Cover

The Mis-hire Risk Test explores your current recruitment processes and assesses the likelihood of you making a hiring mistake.
It takes less than 5 minutes to complete. Given the known financial impact of leadership mis-hires, can you afford not to find out if you’re at risk of an expensive mistake?

Leader Landscape Front Page Design

This ingenious tool surveys candidates in the context of their career experience, allowing interviewers to quickly understand the appropriateness of each candidate for the future demands of the role.


“RoundPeg have a very honest and pragmatic approach… helping us source and select great candidates for a variety of senior roles.”

“Real innovation – I now know before an interview 90% of what I used to spend the first interview discovering.  So with the interview time I have I can now probe much deeper and learn more”

“Their brilliantly insightful profiles give me complete confidence that we’re going to find the right person and to date we always have.”

“I’ve not met anyone who does things like RoundPeg. The process is unique and really makes you think”

“The two leaders Andy helped us bring in are the two best people we have hired.”

“Having been through several experiences, as candidate and employer, the RoundPeg process is refreshingly different”

Understand your chances
Of a Hiring Mistake

In less than 5 minutes.